23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism

23 Things They Don't Tell You About CapitalismThe title describes the book: 23 things, some counterintuitive, some perhaps contentious, they you may not have realised about the economic system that the world runs on.

The presentation and organisation of this book is inspired partly by Dr Seuss, which is almost reason enough to buy it. There’s also a rather clever and useful section suggesting how to read the book with particular issues in mind: for example, if you don’t know what capitalism is, or if you think politics is a waste of time.

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There is nothing respectful in thinking…

There is nothing respectful in thinking that people are too tender or too zealous to defend themselves civilly. www.microphilosophy.net/how-do-we-respect-others-c…

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If I asked you a hypothetical question, would you answer it?

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“Random conversations are important.” Trade Me at #UXNZ2015

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That is all.
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Design-o-saurs in government with @amie_holman #UXNZ2015. A historical narrative of redemption. And velociraptors. twitter.com/bnnt/status/659510790873985025/photo/1

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Playlunch at #UXNZ2015 twitter.com/bnnt/status/659488132048416768/photo/1

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Programs like “see something, say something” waste an enormous amount of time and money. fusion.net/story/200747/living-in-code-yellow/

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