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WordPress vs. mod_security

WordPress blog posts with certain words in them can sometimes be blocked or fail mysteriously. Sometimes the offending word is silently removed from the post; other times the post fails with an HTTP error. Here’s a description of one possible cause, together with a useful workaround in case this problem happens to you. The problem could actually affect any blog platform or pretty much any other web application, not just WordPress. Continue reading “WordPress vs. mod_security” →

Less WordPress plugin version 1.1

I have updated Less, my WordPress blog plugin that simplifies WordPress’s “read more” function. The old version of Less will not work in the upcoming WordPress version 2.1, so you should upgrade Less before you upgrade WordPress. Continue reading “Less WordPress plugin version 1.1” →

Top Cat WordPress plugin version 1.2

I have updated Top Cat to version 1.2. Top Cat is a WordPress plugin that allows you to specify a main category for your posts. It also provides template tags for displaying the main category or using it in themes. The canonical example of Top Cat use is my Bennettarium blog. (I wrote Top Cat to help convert the blog over to WordPress.) Continue reading “Top Cat WordPress plugin version 1.2” →

Test-driven development of WordPress plugins

Evermore, one of my WordPress plugins, has been around for a year or so. It’s worked very well, but occasionally I did receive reports of mysterious failures. In an effort to fix it once and for all, I decided to take a new approach. So for the last couple of updates I have used a test-driven development (TDD) approach to iron out all remaining wrinkles. The results were interesting. Continue reading “Test-driven development of WordPress plugins” →

Evermore WordPress plugin version 2.2

I have updated Evermore, my WordPress plugin for automatically displaying just the beginning of each post. Recent updates have focused on making it work better; this update improves configuration and problem diagnosis. If you are happily using version 2.1, you don’t need to upgrade. Continue reading “Evermore WordPress plugin version 2.2” →

Search Meter WordPress plugin version 2.1

Search Meter 2.1 is a new version of my WordPress blog search statistics plugin. This version fixes the dreaded “duplicate search” problem that a few people have reported. It’s interesting that there were two causes of this problem — the first was already fixed in version 2.0, but the fix for the second variant was much trickier. Continue reading “Search Meter WordPress plugin version 2.1” →

Evermore WordPress plugin version 2.1

I have updated Evermore, my WordPress plugin for automatically displaying post previews on your homepage. Version 2.1 is better at detecting paragraph boundaries, so it should work even on posts generated by tools like “RSS to Blog” and Postie. Generally, it works more reliably on unusually formatted posts. The Options page is also (slightly) nicer.

You can get full details and download Evermore at the main Evermore page.

Plaintext WordPress plugin version 1.4

I have updated my Plaintext WordPress plugin to version 1.4. Plaintext allows you to distribute web source code (such as PHP or HTML) as plain text files, without being processed by your web server. This makes it easier for users to download your code. This new version has two important new features: Continue reading “Plaintext WordPress plugin version 1.4” →

Evermore WordPress plugin version 2

I have finally released the next generation of Evermore, my WordPress plugin for automatically displaying post previews on your homepage. Version 2 (formerly known as “More Evermore”) behaves very much like version 1 by default, but its behaviour can be adjusted through the new Options page.

The most exciting option is the ability to display more than one paragraph in the preview. You can also add special handling for very short paragraphs, and control the position of the “read more” link in the preview.

For details and download, see the main Evermore page.

Evermore WordPress plugin version 1.0.1

I have updated Evermore, my WordPress plugin for automatically displaying just the first paragraph of posts on your homepage. I fixed an obscure problem that could cause Evermore to misbehave if a post contained a line break in its first paragraph.

And I hope shortly to bow to popular demand and release Evermore’s sequel, More Evermore. This adds a few more options, such as ignoring very short paragraphs; displaying more than one paragraph; and attaching the “more” link to the end of the paragraph rather than on a line by itself.