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Search Fixer: a WordPress plugin

I have created a plugin to solve a subtle but annoying WordPress bug. With the Search Fixer plugin installed, search links like those in Search Meter‘s “Recent Searches” widget should work correctly. Continue reading “Search Fixer: a WordPress plugin” →

A simple Twitter widget

This blog’s sidebar displays my latest Twitter update. I did this manually instead of using a plugin because I couldn’t find a lightweight plugin that did what I want, and I thought it would be a quick and simple project. So here’s how I did it. Continue reading “A simple Twitter widget” →

Search Meter WordPress plugin version 2.7

Version 2.7 of Search Meter, my free WordPress search statistics plugin, is now available. I have added four often-requested features:

  • Duplicated recent searches are shown only once in the Recent Searches plugin
  • You can now specify a list of filter words. Any searches containing these words will not show up in the recent and popular search widgets, even if the searches were successful
  • Search links in the widgets will work correctly whether or not fancy permalinks are enabled
  • The blog administrator can decide who is allowed to see full statistics: all logged-in users, authors and administrators, or administrators only

This version of Search Meter requires WordPress 2.3 or later. If you are still using an older version you should probably upgrade anyway, otherwise you can always use an older version of Search Meter.

Let me know how the new features work for you. If you have any comments or questions, just add a comment to this page.

Search Meter WordPress plugin version 2.6

Version 2.6 of Search Meter, my WordPress search statistics plugin, is out now. This version has been upgraded to work with the latest version of PHP (5.3), and the search widgets now integrate better with WordPress 2.8 themes. The other change is that Search Meter should now work better on international websites — it now creates its database tables using the UTF-8 character encoding, which should work with non-Latin-based languages such as Chinese, Greek, Hebrew and so on.

You can upgrade your existing Search Meter from your WordPress administration interface, or go to the Search Meter page for more information.

MySQL character encodings

I recently noticed that many of the comments and trackbacks on this website were composed entirely of question marks. At first I thought it might be plain old spam, but it turned out to be a character encoding problem. Here’s how I fixed it. Continue reading “MySQL character encodings” →

Seemore is the new Less

Less, my small but perfectly formed WordPress plugin, has changed its name and is now called Seemore. A different plugin called Less has been added to the WordPress Plugin Directory, so I finally decided to change my plugin’s name to something marginally less 🙂 confusing. Continue reading “Seemore is the new Less” →

Separate WordPress core and content files

Recent WordPress versions have supposedly enabled the ability to separate the core WordPress files from the site-specific files, but I found it hard to find clear information on how to do it. Here’s the method I ended up using. Continue reading “Separate WordPress core and content files” →

Search Meter WordPress plugin version 2.3

I have updated Search Meter, my WordPress plugin that lets you find out what your blog visitors have been searching for. The new version includes a couple of widgets to make it easy to display recent and popular searches on your blog, as well as a few other changes. Here are the details. Continue reading “Search Meter WordPress plugin version 2.3” →

Code Markup WordPress plugin version 1.2

Code Markup, my WordPress plugin that makes it easy to include program code samples in your posts, has been updated to version 1.2. Code Markup lets you include HTML markup in the code sample; it magically knows which characters should be displayed as code and which should be rendered as HTML. Version 1.2 has a few tweaks that will make it more useful and usable. Continue reading “Code Markup WordPress plugin version 1.2” →

Share This (jQuery): a WordPress plugin

I have made a useful modification to Alex King’s excellent Share This WordPress plugin. Share This adds a nice popup to your posts allowing readers to easily submit the post to any number of social networking and news sites. The original version relies on the large Prototype JavaScript library, which adds to the download size for the page. Share This only uses a sprinkling of its features, so I wanted to replace it with something smaller. Continue reading “Share This (jQuery): a WordPress plugin” →