Plaintext WordPress plugin version 1.4

Saturday, 11 March 2006

I have updated my Plaintext WordPress plugin to version 1.4. Plaintext allows you to distribute web source code (such as PHP or HTML) as plain text files, without being processed by your web server. This makes it easier for users to download your code. This new version has two important new features:

WordPress 2 compatibility

Plaintext now works with WordPress 2. (Rewriting was changed in WordPress 2 so that all requests were passed to the internal WordPress rewriter. Plaintext now makes sure its rewriting rules come before the WordPress rules.)

Error handling

Plaintext 1.4 handles non-existent files correctly. Previously, a request for a non-existent plaintext file resulted in a very bare error message. Now such requests are handled the same as any other non-existent blog page.



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  1. Hi,there.
    Erm,I want to know how you insert the “Chitika”.
    Using a plugin??

  2. Yes, I have a plugin to do this. I have not released it because it is somewhat specific to Semicolon. I think there are probably other plugins out there that do similar things though.

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