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Code Markup WordPress plugin version 1.1

My Code Markup WordPress plugin has been updated to version 1.1. Code Markup makes it easy to include program code samples in your posts. You can even include HTML markup in the code sample; Code Markup magically knows which characters should be displayed as code and which should be rendered as HTML. This new version has a few nice new features: Continue reading “Code Markup WordPress plugin version 1.1” →

WordPress 2 plugins

WordPress 2 was released a couple of weeks ago, and I have now had the chance to test my plugins to see if they are compatible with the new version. Here’s the list of current plugins. All the pages for the various plugins now have compatibility information — all future plugin pages will have this information also. Continue reading “WordPress 2 plugins” →

Search Meter WordPress plugin updated

I have updated my Search Meter WordPress plugin, based on feedback from its many thousands of satisfied users. (That figure is an estimate based on the half-dozen users that I actually know about.) The new version has the following new features. Continue reading “Search Meter WordPress plugin updated” →

Plaintext: a WordPress plugin

When you click one of my PHP code download links (for example, the Less WordPress plugin), you see the PHP source code on your screen, even though the file is a .php file. How do I stop the server executing the PHP code? With a WordPress plugin, of course. Continue reading “Plaintext: a WordPress plugin” →

Popularity Contest for Pages

I’ve been enjoying Alex King’s excellent Popularity Contest plugin for several weeks now. It’s fascinating to see which posts are being viewed, commented, tracked and pinged, all through the one interface. After using it for a while, I thought of a useful way to extend it and also found and fixed a wee problem. Perhaps these changes will make their way into the next version of Alex’s plugin, but till then you can always download my version from here. Continue reading “Popularity Contest for Pages” →

Search Meter: a WordPress plugin

I have released Search Meter, a new WordPress plugin that should help you keep your blog focused on what your visitors want to read. It does this by keeping track of what your visitors are searching for, and more importantly whether they are finding it. Continue reading “Search Meter: a WordPress plugin” →

WordPress pingback and trackback bug

There is a bug in the way WordPress 1.5.1 handles draft posts and Advanced Editing mode. One effect of this is that pingbacks and trackbacks are sometimes sent with the wrong URL. This problem has been around for a while, but it looked a bit complicated so I figured that somebody would fix it one day. But as I was trying to write a useful new plugin, the bug hit me. So I have investigated the bug and found out what it’s all about. I have also written a plugin that fixes the problem. Continue reading “WordPress pingback and trackback bug” →

WordPress rewrite rules

This is an investigation into some problems with the way WordPress generates .htaccess rules to make its fancy permalinks work. For a new site I am building, I wanted the permalinks to not have the date in the URL. Accordingly, I set the permalink structure to the following.


Once I did this, I couldn’t access any single posts. Continue reading “WordPress rewrite rules” →

Less: a WordPress plugin

Less is more.

Less is a WordPress plugin that makes reading posts more intuitive for your many readers. With Less, when readers click a (more…) link on your post “teaser”, they see the full article on the screen, not just the part after the (more…).

Continue reading “Less: a WordPress plugin” →

Safe Title: a WordPress plugin

Here’s an amusing hack to fix a niggling problem in the WordPress default theme. I came up with this soon after I started using WordPress, but I recently noticed that this small annoyance had generated a discussion on My fully automatic solution is now ready for a waiting world. Continue reading “Safe Title: a WordPress plugin” →