Evermore WordPress plugin version 2

Thursday, 9 March 2006

I have finally released the next generation of Evermore, my WordPress plugin for automatically displaying post previews on your homepage. Version 2 (formerly known as “More Evermore”) behaves very much like version 1 by default, but its behaviour can be adjusted through the new Options page.

The most exciting option is the ability to display more than one paragraph in the preview. You can also add special handling for very short paragraphs, and control the position of the “read more” link in the preview.

For details and download, see the main Evermore page.



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  1. Bennett,

    Forget about it .. I got it working .. cheers.

  2. Thanks, your plugin “Evermore” is the greatest… I did a fresh install and forgot what it was called, downloaded another like it, which didn’t work well at all… and then I found there was a new version of yours available, thanks, this plugin rocks!

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