Evermore WordPress plugin version 2.1

Monday, 25 September 2006

I have updated Evermore, my WordPress plugin for automatically displaying post previews on your homepage. Version 2.1 is better at detecting paragraph boundaries, so it should work even on posts generated by tools like “RSS to Blog” and Postie. Generally, it works more reliably on unusually formatted posts. The Options page is also (slightly) nicer.

You can get full details and download Evermore at the main Evermore page.



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  1. I must give you credit for your professionalism. I recently tried to implement Evermore and for some reason it broke my site. I use a fluid 4 column design and the 2 right columns dropped to the bottom of my blog with your plug-in. My first thought was to unplug it and drop you a note but then I noticed that you actually listed other products that were similar in capability on your site. I tried one of them, and it worked fine. I probably wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for your help. Rather, I would have left you a note, when you had time you might have been able to help me but regardless it would have taken days if not weeks.

    I am happy to help you debug what happened. Your plug-in, I am sure, works fine in most situations and I will be happy to give it a second look if you want. I sincerely thank you though for making my life easier and providing other alternatives.

    PS I did implement Less as I like the way that works as well. Thank you.

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