The Content Developers of Japan (CODE-J) is a more technical group than the Tokyo PC Users’ Group, focused on software development. They have a mailing list; the member are mostly people who are working in software development in Japan. Here’s their mission statement:

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Tokyo PC Users Group

The Tokyo PC Users Group say they are Tokyo’s biggest English-speaking computer group,, “a club for technology enthusiasts of all sorts, from beginners to seasoned pros.” They have regular monthly meetings, have a website and run their own newsgroups. From the website:

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General job information

Lots of sites provide generally useful information about working and living in Japan. These will help you get a good feel for what it’s like to be living and working in Japan, or looking for work. Here are a few such websites that I found helpful. It’s worth reading them regularly for a while so you can keep up with job-related news and get a good view of how things change over time.

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Job portals

There are quite a few websites that act as clearinghouses of job advertisements. These are very useful in providing a quick overview of the kinds of job available. Some of them provide other useful information too. All of them are worth looking at — be aware that some job ads will show up in more than one place, so expect some duplicates.

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