Job websites

There are a lot of organisations specialising in recruiting for jobs in Japan. Here are some of the ones I have used. I have dealt with some of these companies personally — for example, I went to see Access in Sydney before I went to Japan. For most of them, my experience is limited to reading their website. Most will give you at least some useful information about finding work in Japan, or even background infgormation about working in Japan.

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Teaching jobs

Many foreigners work as English conversation teachers while they’re in Japan. For many people, the work is not too demanding and it gives them the opportunity to travel within Japan during holidays. To be a language teacher, most people need just two qualifications: Continue reading “Teaching jobs” »

IT Jobs

I spent time in 2002 looking for a job in software development in Tokyo. Along the way, I also came up with a few other possibilities. This is a summary of my findings.

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My story

When I arrived in Japan, I was what some call a “mid-career” professional, with an honours science degree and 11 years of experience in various aspects of software development. With this background, it would not be hard to find a job in the US, UK or Australia. But here, I faced the two common obstacles for foreigners in Japan: I hardly spoke Japanese; and I had no working visa.

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