The Content Developers of Japan (CODE-J) is a more technical group than the Tokyo PC Users’ Group, focused on software development. They have a mailing list; the member are mostly people who are working in software development in Japan. Here’s their mission statement:

To provide a forum, both online and off-line, where content creators (professional and amateur) can exchange ideas, development strategies and can network on both professional and social levels. Members will also be able to give each other tips and advice about how to use content development software and tools.

This is probably a good place to pick up inside information on the shape of the industry. This is always helpful for the job-hunter.

They have not held a meeting since 2002, but I think the mailing list and organisation are still operating.

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    Rami said (21 May 2006 at 5:06 pm)

    Dear ..
    i have a Computer science ” bachelor’s degree” and have a microsoft certificates like (( MCSE, MCP , MCSA )) and CISCO certificates like (( CCNA ))
    and Linux certified.
    and 3 years of experience in administration and networks.
    speaking English and good japanese.

    as my qualifications !! can i find a job in japan ??????????

  2. 2
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