Recruiter websites

I investigated a lot of recruitement companies before and fter my arrival in Japan. Here I’ve listed websites for the companies that I actually met in person.

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Useful recruiters

My search for work in Japan really started when I arrived in the country. When I got to Japan I got in touch with as many recruiters as I could. I had some contacts given to me by friends, and I looked on the Web and in magazines and newspapers for others. I went to see most of them. Some of them never contacted me again after the initial meeting, but a few were quite helpful. Four in particular were particularly helpful and persistent and got me some good job interviews, including the job I eventually took. Continue reading “Useful recruiters” »

About Recruiters

I contacted a few recruiters from Australia before I went to Japan. The ones that said anything all said the same thing: it would be much easier to look for a job while over there. This is true even for the recruiting firms that have branches in both Japan and Australia; they seem to operate pretty much independently.

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