Tokyo PC Users Group

The Tokyo PC Users Group say they are Tokyo’s biggest English-speaking computer group,, “a club for technology enthusiasts of all sorts, from beginners to seasoned pros.” They have regular monthly meetings, have a website and run their own newsgroups. From the website:

TPC members benefit from networking with like minded folks. The club meets to conduct club business and hear a lecture on a salient topic of interest to members and guests.

The monthly meetings are attended by between 30 and 50 people, comprised about equally of members and non-members. Generally the audience is about 95% male and 80% non-Japanese, i.e. a wide spectrum of different nationalities. They range from computer-literate PC users to subject area experts; and people involved in the business or technology side of IT.

Most members work in the computer industry or in related fields, and their level of technical expertise is quite high. In fact, the TPC is considered to be among the most technical of the computing clubs in Tokyo. The meeting and presentation is conducted in English.

The website also has a jobs page.

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