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Erasure FAQ:

Short Discography: Erasure

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1985  single:  Who Needs Love (Like That) / Push Me, Shove Me
1985 single: Heavenly Action / Don’t Say No
1986 single: Oh L’Amour / March on Down the Line / Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
1986 album: Wonderland [UK & US versions different]
198? video: Live in Wonderland [unreleased]
1986 single: Sometimes / Sexuality
1987 single: It Doesn’t Have to Be / In the Hall of the Mountain King
1987 album: The Circus
1987 single: Victim of Love / The Soldier’s Return
1987 single: The Circus
1987 album: The Two Ring Circus [UK & US versions different]
198? video: Live at the Seaside [Circus tour]
1988 single: Ship of Fools / When I Needed You / River Deep, Mountain High
1988 album: The Innocents
1988 single: Chains of Love / Don’t Suppose / The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
1988 single: A Little Respect / Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor / Love Is Colder Than Death
1988 EP: Crackers International [including Stop!]
198? video: The Innocents
1989 single: Drama! / Sweet, Sweet Baby / Paradise
1989 album: Wild!
1989 single: You Surround Me / 91 Steps / Supernature
1990 single: Blue Savannah / Runaround on the Underground / No G.D.M.
1990 video: Wild! Live
1990 single: Star / Dreamlike State
1991 single: Chorus / Over the Rainbow / Snappy
1991 single: Love to Hate You / Vitamin C / La La La
1991 album: Chorus
1991 EP: Am I Right?
1992 single: Breath of Life
1992 EP: Abba-esque [including Take a Chance on Me]
1992 single: Who Needs Love (Like That) (1992 Remix)
1992 album: Pop! The First Twenty Hits
199? video: The Tank, the Swan, the Balloon [Chorus tour; unreleased in US]
1994 single: Always / Tragic
1994 album: I Say I Say I Say
1994 single: Run to the Sun / Tenderest Moments
1994 single: I Love Saturday / Ghost / Truly Madly Deeply / Dodo
1995 single: Stay with Me / True Love Wars
1995 album: Erasure
1995 single: Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) / HI NRG
1996 single: Rock Me Gently / Chertsey Endlos
1997 single: In My Arms / In the Name of the Heart / Rapture
1997 single: Don’t Say Your Love is Killing Me / Heart of Glass
1997 album: Cowboy
1997 single: Rain / First Contact
1999 sets: The first ten singles (up to A Little Respect) repackaged in two box sets with rare tracks
2000 single: Freedom
2000 album: Loveboat
2001 single: Moon & the Sky / Baby Love
2001 sets: The next ten singles (up to Abba-esque) repackaged in two box sets with rare tracks
2003 single: Solsbury Hill / Tell it to Me / Searching / Ave Maria
2003 album: Other People’s Songs
2003 single: Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)
2003 album: Hits! The Very Best of Erasure
2003 single: Oh L’Amour (August Mix) / Love Me All Night Long / Nothing Lasts Forever
2005 album: Nightbird
2005 single: Breathe / Gone Crazy
2005 single: Don’t Say You Love Me
2005 single: Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling out of Love

Short Discography: Vince Clarke

Composition of Sound

This is the band that became Depeche Mode. No recordings are known. Some early Depeche Mode bootleg recordings are falsely labeled as being by Composition Of Sound.

Depeche Mode with Vince

1981  song: Photographic [on Some Bizarre compilation album; Vince’s first official recorded output]
1981 single:  Dreaming of Me / Ice Machine
1981 single: New Life / Shout
1981 single: Just Can’t Get Enough / Any Second Now
1981 album: Speak & Spell [some Euro CDs have 5 bonus tracks]


1982  single:  Only You
1982 single: Don’t Go
1982 album: Upstairs at Eric’s [US CD omits 2 tracks]
1982 single: Situation [US]
1982 single: The Other Side of Love
1983 single: Nobody’s Diary / State Farm
1983 album: You and Me Both [UK & US versions different]
1990 single: Situation (remix)
1999 single: Only You (1999 mix)
1999 album: Only Yazoo – The Best Of [hits/remixes; called “Yaz – The Best Of” in the USA]
1999 single: Don’t Go (Todd Terry mix) 12″
1999 single: Situation (mixes)

The Assembly

1983  single:  Never Never / Stop/Start

Other Recordings

1985  single: One Day / Song For [by Vince and Paul Quinn]
1993 album: Lucky Bastard [compilation of samples from Vince’s analog synths]
1994 broadcast: The Planets [synth version of Holst’s Planets suite; not officially available]
1995 broadcast: Theme to Top of the Pops (a UK chart music TV show) [first broadcast 2 Feb 1995; not officially available]
1997 soundtrack:  Good Vibrations score (an unreleased film featuring Andy!)
1999 album: Pretentious [by The Clarke and Ware Experiment: Vince and Martyn Ware’s 3D soundscape project]
2001 album: Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle [by The Clarke and Ware Experiment]

Production, Remixes and Other Appearances

Vince has worked on music with many other artists. They are listed here in chronological order, along with sources for the tracks. Vince’s contribution is limited to remixing or additional production or both unless otherwise noted.

198?  Twilight [group; Vince produced some recordings]
1982 Dome: Will You Speak This Word [album; Vince performs on one track]
1983-4 Robert Marlow: various singles [produced by Vince and Eric Radcliffe]
1984 West India Company: Ave Maria [single; features Vince]
1985 Absolute: various [mostly produced by Vince and Eric Radcliffe]
1988 Happy Mondays: Wrote for Luck (remix) [12″ single]
1990 Betty Boo: 24 Hours (Oratronic mix) [12″ single]
1991 Fortran 5: Heart on the Line (7″ mix) [single, Blues album]
1992 Nitzer Ebb: Ascend (Anonymous mix) [cassette single]
1992 Wolfgang Press: Angel (remix) [UK A Girl Like You single]
1993 Betty Boo: I’m on My Way (Batman & Robin mix) [single, Thing Goin’ On album]
1993 Time Frequency: Real Love ’93 (Vince Clarke remix) [UK single]
1994 Alison Moyet: Whispering Your Name (remix) [European single]
1994 Sparks: When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’? (two remixes) [single]
1995 Egebamyasi: Remont (remix) [UK single]
1997 White Town: Wanted (remix) [UK promo 12″/CD; unreleased]
1999 Robert Marlow: The Peter Pan Effect [album produced by Vince and Eric Radcliffe]
2000 Family Fantastic: …Nice! [album co-written and co-produced by Vince and others]
2002 Simple Minds: Homosapien (remix) [Cry single]
2002 the Floating World [on Simple Minds’ Cry album]
200? Family Fantastic: Wonderful [album co-written and co-produced by Vince and others]

These days, Vince seems to have many and various side-projects going on. These include Family Fantastic, RadioActivators, The Clarke and Ware Experiment, and The Illustrious Company (with Martyn Ware).

Short Discography: Andy Bell


1985 single: Air of Mystery / I Love to Love
Only a few hundred copies exist. The two tracks have appeared in fairly good quality on the Erasure Ultra Rare Trax 3 CD.

Andy Bell

2005 single: Crazy (released September 2005)
2005 album: Electric Blue (released October 2005)

Other Recordings

1987 Ferry Aid: Let It Be single
Andy sings two lines on this charity single
1991 Peter Hamill: The Fall of the House of Usher album
Andy sings in this recording of the opera. Re-recorded (still featuring Andy) and re-released in 1999.
1993 k. d. lang and Andy Bell: No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
This disco cover is available on the Coneheads soundtrack album and k.d.lang’s Lifted By Love US single.
2004 In_Vox featuring Andy Bell: Will I Ever? single
Andy sings on this single by the Greek pop duo.
2005 Larry Tee: Matthew single
Andy sings on this single by the New York techno luminary. It will also be on Lerry Tee’s album.
2005 Goldfrapp: Ooh La La single
Andy sings on a remix of this single by the electro babe.

Production and Remixes

1994 Sandra Bernhard: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) single
Andy provides two remixes of this classic disco cover.

Obscure Recordings

Lazlo’s discography has comprehensive information on all of these and many, many more.

Amateur Hour: Recorded with Sparks on their Plagiarism album
B3: UK Am I Right? limited 12″; Japanese Am I Right? CD
Cold Summer’s Day: Wigstock soundtrack album
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen: UK Crackers International limited EPs
Happy People: Yazoo’s You And Me Both album (UK release) Features Vince on lead vocal!
Heart of Glass: UK Don’t Say Your Love is Killing Me single
Let It Flow: UK and Japanese Am I Right? EPs
Looking Glass Sea: Dick Tracy soundtrack album
Magic Moments: Lord of Illusions soundtrack album; US Cowboy album
Mirror To Your Soul: Chorus Demos bootleg cassette
Never Never [by The Assembly]: 12″/CD single; various Hits Of The ’80s-type compilations; Feargal Sharkey’s To Miss Someone CD single
Pistol: all non-US Wonderland albums; Sire US Just Say Mao sampler CD
Rage: with Lene Lovich on the Tame Yourself compilation
Silent Night: Sire US Yulesville promo LP; Ultra Rare Trax vol.2
Too Darn Hot: Red Hot & Blue Cole Porter tribute/AIDS benefit album
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