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Erasure FAQ

Short Discography: Erasure

Updated 29 June 2005

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1985  single:  Who Needs Love (Like That) / Push Me, Shove Me
1985 single: Heavenly Action / Don’t Say No
1986 single: Oh L’Amour / March on Down the Line / Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
1986 album: Wonderland [UK & US versions different]
198? video: Live in Wonderland [unreleased]
1986 single: Sometimes / Sexuality
1987 single: It Doesn’t Have to Be / In the Hall of the Mountain King
1987 album: The Circus
1987 single: Victim of Love / The Soldier’s Return
1987 single: The Circus
1987 album: The Two Ring Circus [UK & US versions different]
198? video: Live at the Seaside [Circus tour]
1988 single: Ship of Fools / When I Needed You / River Deep, Mountain High
1988 album: The Innocents
1988 single: Chains of Love / Don’t Suppose / The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
1988 single: A Little Respect / Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor / Love Is Colder Than Death
1988 EP: Crackers International [including Stop!]
198? video: The Innocents
1989 single: Drama! / Sweet, Sweet Baby / Paradise
1989 album: Wild!
1989 single: You Surround Me / 91 Steps / Supernature
1990 single: Blue Savannah / Runaround on the Underground / No G.D.M.
1990 video: Wild! Live
1990 single: Star / Dreamlike State
1991 single: Chorus / Over the Rainbow / Snappy
1991 single: Love to Hate You / Vitamin C / La La La
1991 album: Chorus
1991 EP: Am I Right?
1992 single: Breath of Life
1992 EP: Abba-esque [including Take a Chance on Me]
1992 single: Who Needs Love (Like That) (1992 Remix)
1992 album: Pop! The First Twenty Hits
199? video: The Tank, the Swan, the Balloon [Chorus tour; unreleased in US]
1994 single: Always / Tragic
1994 album: I Say I Say I Say
1994 single: Run to the Sun / Tenderest Moments
1994 single: I Love Saturday / Ghost / Truly Madly Deeply / Dodo
1995 single: Stay with Me / True Love Wars
1995 album: Erasure
1995 single: Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) / HI NRG
1996 single: Rock Me Gently / Chertsey Endlos
1997 single: In My Arms / In the Name of the Heart / Rapture
1997 single: Don’t Say Your Love is Killing Me / Heart of Glass
1997 album: Cowboy
1997 single: Rain / First Contact
1999 sets: The first ten singles (up to A Little Respect) repackaged in two box sets with rare tracks
2000 single: Freedom
2000 album: Loveboat
2001 single: Moon & the Sky / Baby Love
2001 sets: The next ten singles (up to Abba-esque) repackaged in two box sets with rare tracks
2003 single: Solsbury Hill / Tell it to Me / Searching / Ave Maria
2003 album: Other People’s Songs
2003 single: Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)
2003 album: Hits! The Very Best of Erasure
2003 single: Oh L’Amour (August Mix) / Love Me All Night Long / Nothing Lasts Forever
2005 album: Nightbird
2005 single: Breathe / Gone Crazy
2005 single: Don’t Say You Love Me
2005 single: Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling out of Love

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