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Erasure FAQ

About the Erasure FAQ

This site answers many frequently asked questions about the synth-pop duo Erasure. It’s updated infrequently; the latest version is available at thunderguy.com/erasure. I’ve compiled this from many sources, so it may not be totally accurate (though I do try). Please send me any suggestions, criticisms, bouquets or brickbats.


There are links to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk throughout this site. (See the example above!) You can use these links to browse and buy Erasure music. If you buy something through these links, this site will make a minuscule commission. There are also some ads served by Google. I hope they are relevant! Every time you click one of the Google ads, this site makes a few cents.

If these ads make any money, it will be used for research: buying music by Erasure and other fine bands.


So many people have contributed that I can’t list them all. However, special “above and beyond the call” thanks go to Janet and Jonny from the EIS, for new release and EIS info (and lots more); and Lazlo Nibble, for discographical info (and more). Thanks also to the members of the Internet’s Wonderland mailing list, who provided most of the other information (and the motivation!).

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Erasure FAQ Copyright 1994-2005 Bennett McElwee. All rights reserved. Please ask me before copying any part of it. Thanks!