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Erasure FAQ:


Lazlo Nibble’s excellent and very comprehensive Erasure/Yazoo/Vince/Andy discography is available on the Internet at www.swcp.com/lazlo-bin/discogs?erasure.

Depeche Mode discographies are also available, from:

Sheet Music

Erasure sheet music is produced for most of the singles, and books are done for each album by Wise Publications. They’re distributed by Music Sales. You can write to them with a SAE to get a catalogue or find out your local distributor.

Music Sales Ltd
Newmarket Road
Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk IP33 3YB, England
  Music Sales Corp
225 Park Avenue South
18th Floor
New York, NY 10003, USA

MusicNotes.com has a small selection of Erasure sheet music too. Buy something there using this affiliate link and they will throw a few cents to the Erasure FAQ.


Erasure Information Service

The EIS is an official Erasure information service (really!). Their website is a mine of information – they also send out newsletters and sell merchandise. The addresses are:

Web: www.erasureinfo.com
Post: EIS, PO Box 9794, London, W10 4ZX, England

If there’s anything you want sent to you by post, you should write in with a SAE (UK) or IRC or US$1 (rest of the world).

Buying Erasure’s Music

The Mute Bank is Mute UK’s mail order service. They stock all Erasure recordings except the older limited editions. They will ship to any country; I found them invaluable when I lived in Australia.

Erasure at Amazon.com

All the latest Erasure is available at Amazon.com. I’ve bought many books and CDs from them over the years, and have found them to be very reliable. Their Erasure section has all US releases, lots of overseas releases, and many other interesting items.

Erasure at Amazon.co.uk

If you’re interested in Erasure’s UK releases try Amazon’s UK site, Amazon.co.uk. This is also a good option if you are in Europe and want faster shipping. They have a great selection of Erasure — almost 300 items!

Note that if you go to Amazon by following a link from this site and then buy something, I will get a small commission. Thanks in advance!

Record labels

Mute is Erasure’s UK record label. They were previously handled by Maverick in North America. You can reach them electronically in many ways:

Mute UK
WWW: www.mutelibtech.com/mute
email: info@mutelibtech.com
BBS: +44 181 9648223 (London); telnet or ftp to mutelibtech.com

WWW: www.maverickent.com

Web Sites

The EIS is probably the most comprehensive Erasure website. Mute’s Erasure page has the official details.

There are many unofficial pages set up by fans. They tend to have links to each other anyway, but some particularly well-done and comprehensive sites include Carl Scripter’s Erasure.com, and Erasure.ru.

The best list of links to all the Erasure fan sites out there is definitely Bob’s huge Erasure Links page. Bob describes each page and regularly checks every link to make sure it’s still current. Brilliant.

In case there are any links that Bob missed, they may well be in Hugo Fernbom’s Erasure links page.

Internet Mailing Lists


The Wonderland electronic mailing list is for the discussion of Erasure, and topics related to Vince and Andy (for example, associated groups like The Assembly, Yazoo/Yaz, and early Depeche Mode). The list is not associated with any of the bands or their record companies. Vince and Andy are not part of the list, so if you want to contact them it would be better to contact their record company.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send email to majordomo@tcp.com (not wonderland@tcp.com) with one of the following commands in the message body: subscribe wonderland, unsubscribe wonderland, or help


ISayISayISay is a moderated email list for Erasure fans to chat about the band’s music and Vince and Andy’s careers. To subscribe, go to www.egroups.com/invite/ISayISayISay
and click the JOIN button.

Other Mailing Lists

As with the Wonderland list, all commands should be in the body of the

Pet Shop Boys list: email majordomo@tcp.com with the following command:
subscribe introspective

Depeche Mode list: email majordomo@commline.com with the following command:
subscribe bong

Depeche Mode homepage: www.commline.com

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Erasure FAQ Copyright 1994-2005 Bennett McElwee. All rights reserved. Please ask me before copying any part of it. Thanks!