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Erasure FAQ

Internet Mailing Lists

Updated 15 May 2004


The Wonderland electronic mailing list is for the discussion of Erasure, and topics related to Vince and Andy (for example, associated groups like The Assembly, Yazoo/Yaz, and early Depeche Mode). The list is not associated with any of the bands or their record companies. Vince and Andy are not part of the list, so if you want to contact them it would be better to contact their record company.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send email to majordomo@tcp.com (not wonderland@tcp.com) with one of the following commands in the message body: subscribe wonderland, unsubscribe wonderland, or help


ISayISayISay is a moderated email list for Erasure fans to chat about the band’s music and Vince and Andy’s careers. To subscribe, go to www.egroups.com/invite/ISayISayISay
and click the JOIN button.

Other Mailing Lists

As with the Wonderland list, all commands should be in the body of the

Pet Shop Boys list: email majordomo@tcp.com with the following command:
subscribe introspective

Depeche Mode list: email majordomo@commline.com with the following command:
subscribe bong

Depeche Mode homepage: www.commline.com

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