Minna Needs Rehearsal Space — Dorthe Nors

This book is fun.
This book is short.
This whole book is a staccato list of sentences.
Like these.
It’s about a woman called Minna.
Minna needs rehearsal space.
But she is stymied by her boyfriend.
She is stymied by her sister.
She is stymied by her friends.
It’s harder than you think, getting a rehearsal space.

Minna has a spiritual guide.
The spiritual guide is the famous film maker Ingmar Bergman.
Bergman quotes are used throughout this book.
This book inspired me to read Ingmar Bergman’s book Images.

I read this book quickly.
I enjoyed it immensely.
I read it again.
Which never happens.
The writing style is very unusual.
Not a lot of words, but well-chosen.
(And presumably well-translated.)
I hadn’t read anything like this before.
But I got used to it quickly.
Rest assured that it is better than my pastiche.

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