About Bennett

The Bennettarium is owned and operated by me, Bennett McElwee.

I have lived in a few places, but currently (2018) in New Zealand. I spend a fair amount of my time working with software (such as this website and a few others), and the rest with my family.

I’m on Twitter (@bnnt), Google+, and many other places. I suspect that my name is unique, which makes me easy to find on the interwebs.

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2 Responses to About Bennett

  1. Ruth Kennedy says:

    Hi, I got here by researching Pirnmill where I spent an idyllic holiday as a child in about 1955, and the name, “Mid Thunderguy” suddenly came to me as I was trying to find the cottage on Google Earth. We had a little cottage with worms in the water, and the farm was just a few yards to the North of us up the coast. We helped with sheep dipping there. Do you have a photo of the cottage?

  2. Bennett McElwee says:

    I probably have some photos of the cottage, but they are prints rather than digital so hard to find. I need to delve into old photo albums and boxes…

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