Here Comes Science — They Might Be Giants

Here comes science! This is a great CD/DVD for the young people in your life — and that includes you. I gave it to Jay for his 5th birthday recently. TMBG do a nice line in kids’ music and video, and this is the best so far.

I love TMBG’s regular albums, but their kids’ stuff is understandably not always my cup of tea. No! was pretty good, but Here Come the ABCs was just too simplistic for my sophisticated musical sensibilities. (My pre-school children quite liked it though.) But Here Comes Science is just about on a par with their best. I didn’t like all the “funny” voices on ABCs, but Science keeps them to a minimum.

Here’s Meet the Elements, the best song on the album and one of my favourite songs of the year. I love TMBG’s way with a melody, and that chorus… ah, that chorus:

You can sing along to it, and it’s even educational. Of course, being about science, there are a few mentions of evolution and even a line equating angels with unicorns and elves. This has attracted the ire of the creationist fringe in the US, which may make it more or less appealing depending on your own inclinations.

The album covers the scientific method, astrophysics, biology, green technology and more. (One song, Cells, reminded me of Jonathan Coulton’s brilliant That Spells DNA.) You might not notice all the information because the songs are so catchy and fun. But when you listen closely you will learn something. The Bloodmobile taught me things I never knew about blood.

The DVD has some clever videos for the songs, and also live performances by the Giants. Jay and Felix love watching the DVD, and often request the CD when we’re in the car. If you have children, get this CD. And if you don’t have children… get the CD anyway.

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