IT Jobs

I spent time in 2002 looking for a job in software development in Tokyo. Along the way, I also came up with a few other possibilities. This is a summary of my findings.

Software development

It seems that most software development work for foreigners in Tokyo is at financial companies. If you know all about “front office”, “derivatives”, “trade entry” and so on, then you’re all over it. Otherwise you’ll have some research to do… as I did.

Salaries for this kind of work seem to be around 7-12 million yen, maybe less, and maybe much more if you’re lucky and good. They look for C++ and database skills mostly. Java, VB, Web skills and XML might also help in some cases.

Entry-level IT

Entry-level IT jobs for foreigners are apparently very hard to come by. Most are at local companies, so they require people who can speak, read and write Japanese. And as for entry-level IT skills, the locals are fine, so they will always be easier to hire. No language issues, no visa hassles, and less worry that they will head off overseas after a year. Salaries could be around 4-6 million.

Systems admin

I have heard that mid-level IT support work is more available. This is a case where there is more of a skills shortage, so companies are willing to hire foreigners. Salaries I have heard of are low compared to other countries though — about 3-5 million yen.

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