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Erasure FAQ

A message from Vince

This message from Vince Clarke was forwarded to the Wonderland Erasure mailing list in February 1995 by Mike Hall, Erasure’s keyboard technician. Vince is referring to the Erasure album.

Here is a progress report on the new album.

We are now 8 weeks into the recording of the new album. Both
myself and Andy were in Dublin last year writing new
material, in all, 6 songs were written in Eire. Andy is
recording vocals with Gareth Jones at his studio in East-ish
London and I am programming and recording the music at home
with Thomas Felman producing and George Holt, engineering.

The music will be electronically generated (no...really?)
but I am still having trouble finding Andy Bells control
inputs (CV & Gate).

We hope to write and record at least ten songs and then
choose maybe 7 or 8 for the album. All the tracks will
include long instrumental sections full of funny noises,
weird melodies and a pretentious cinematic-like
atmosphere...yep, its gonna' be a concept album. We are both
currently trying to grow long hair and goaty beards, (my
curls are already at least 1 and a half inches long!)

The album will be mixed in New York by some geezer who's
name I can't spell, and will be released in Sept/Oct 1995.



PS.Mute are not planning to release a fourth single from

PPS.Touring?...well, er, erm, hmm.
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