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Erasure FAQ

Who is John Came? What’s Rhythmicon?

Updated 15 May 2004

John Came is a UK artist on the Mute label in the UK, who has released an album called Rhythmicon. Apart from this, he has nothing to do with Erasure. The rumour that John Came is an Erasure pseudonym has been around for a while, and may have been started by a certain online music retailer.

As an uninteresting sidenote, John Came used to live in Wollongong, Australia, the very place where the first version of this FAQ was created. Small world.

2 responses to “Who is John Came? What’s Rhythmicon?”

  1. Mr. No says:

    I realize this information has been sitting here for 12 years, and this site would appear to be rather dormant now, but it should still be pointed out that John Came was, in fact, not a real person at all, but an invention of the Komputer/I Start Counting/Fortran 5 peeps. So, if you do still want an Erasure connection, you could go for their work on the Abba-esque remix EP.

  2. Bennett says:

    I always assumed that the name was false, but didn’t suspect that the person himself was also fake! Interesting. I remember really liking one of I Start Counting’s singles, and Fortran 5 had their moments too. Komputer were too much of a Kraftwerk pastiche for my tastes. The connection is interesting though — it’s a small world! (Or at least, Mute is a small label 🙂

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