The Lost Albums

When I relocated to (or was it from) the other side of the world 14 years ago, my chattels included 1000-odd CDs. (Some very odd). It took more than ten years for me to finally collate all of them and rip them onto hard disk. Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a small number of them fell by the wayside. I think I know where they ended up, and with whom. I have since replaced a few of them:

The Orb — Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
I’ve replaced this already, with the super-extended version from iTunes featuring a heap of pointless remixes. It’s still a magnificent album.

The Golden Palominos — This Is How It Feels
I found a secondhand copy of this. Still smooth and sophisticated with a nice keen edge.

Anne Dudley — Ancient and Modern
This is so out of print that it’s not available on Amazon, iTunes, or anywhere that I can find. Eventually I managed to get a copy on eBay for $1 (bargain!) plus $10 shipping (ripoff!).

And at some point I will have the pleasure of replacing these fine albums:

Loreena McKennett — The Mask and the Mirror
I’m slightly sad to lose this. It was the double disc Australian tour version, signed by Loreena herself after her wonderful concert at the State Theatre in Sydney many years ago.

Dub Syndicate — One Way System

Madonna — Ray of Light

Café del Mar

Café del Mar volume 2

Alanis Morissette — Jagged Little Pill

Actually I won’t be replacing all of these. There’s always too much music around and these get shunted down the queue. I do have a hankering for that Loreena McKennett album though. Happily, it is on Spotify:

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