The Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

Politics, cyberpunk (pseudo)science, philosophy, big explosions and scantily-clad nubile young women. Sure it’s only a comic, but it still left me as breathless as a frenetic action film.

This chunky book looks to be a compilation of several episodes of a series. The great thing is that they have translated only what they had to — the comic still reads right-to-left, and a lot of the Japanese writing (especially the onomatopoeia) is still there. They’ve done a good job of preserving the feel of the original manga while making it readable in English.

I bought this in Tokyo four years ago but only just got around to reading it. When I bought the book (at Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, I think), the shop staff covered it in the traditional plain brown wrapper, ingeniously folding it so I could read the book on the train without causing a scandal. Very handy at work: when the book is closed it looks like some sort of textbook. 🙂

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