Lucky Numbers are Unlucky

If you ever buy a lotto ticket, or bet on horses or any other such game where the aim is to select winning numbers, don’t choose the numbers yourself. If you pick your own special “lucky numbers” once, you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life.

When choosing the numbers, you might think it’s fun to pick significant numbers such as your family’s birthdays, even if you don’t win. But you won’t find it so much fun if you don’t buy a ticket next week and the numbers come up then. Or if they come up the next month, or year, or ten years after that. And since you thoughtfully picked special numbers, you’ll never forget them — no matter when they come up, you’ll know you missed out, and you’ll spend the rest of your life lamenting. “If only I’d bought a ticket this week, I would have won and I’d be able to buy that yacht/university degree/TV station/kidney that I always wanted.”

The only safe procedure is to select your numbers randomly. As a bonus, if you don’t win (and let’s face it: you won’t), you can blame fate for your misfortune rather than having to blame yourself for picking the wrong numbers.

I do have a friend who had her own lucky numbers, and purposely looked at lotto results every week even though she never bought a ticket. Every week she’d say, “my numbers didn’t come up this week — so I saved myself money by not buying a ticket!” I hope for her sake that her bad luck continues and her numbers never come up.

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One Response to Lucky Numbers are Unlucky

  1. Luis says:

    What if I already have my numbers?

    If I’d read this post years ago!

    I have to buy my ticket tomorrow.

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