Cow Parade in Tokyo

Cow parades have been going on for a few years, in various parts of the world. I was excited to discover decorated cows in Marunouchi, downtown Tokyo, where I worked. So excited that I decided I would try to shoot all 60-odd of them (with my camera).

This was the first cow parade in the Far East, featuring lots of Japan-themed cows, and one or two impressive technology-enabled cows. It was fun hunting them all down – I even found some interesting parts of town that I had never been to before.

In the end, I ran out of time – I only managed to find 61 of the 64 cows. Some of them were sneakily positioned inside buildings, and one was way over on the other side of Tokyo station. Some of the cows also moved around over the course of the parade… Anyway, I had to steal other people’s photos to complete the three missing spots in my photo album.

Cow Photo Album

As a bonus, in my album I have freely translated the names of all the cows into English. This task was made more fun by the fact that I barely speak Japanese. It’s fun translating puns…

I missed the cow parades in Auckland and Sydney, so I’m glad I just caught the one in Tokyo. Now I have moved to Hong Kong, I await the cows here. I suppose it could happen…

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