Karaoke stripper

A lot of karaoke machines display a “Calories” rating after each song to show how well you sang the somg. Some are a bit more fun.

One night in Sasebo, our hosts took us to a bar where the karaoke machine had a different way of rating your singing: After each song, the screen would be covered with a pattern and a percentage: “0%”. Then the percentage would count up to whatever your rating was, and the background would dissolve piece-by-piece, slowly revealing a naked woman. If you scored 70%, the woman would still be fairly well-covered.

Joanne (the karaoke queen) managed to score 96%, and the woman on the screen was left with just a tiny rectangle to cover herself. Apparently that was the second-highest score anybody had ever got in that bar (somebody once got 98%).

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  1. owen says:

    what happens when you get 100%?

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