Sydney — mon Amour

When I arrived back in Australia after four years in Scotland I had a lot of re-acquainting to do. Here are the top ten things I didn’t think I’d miss about Australia, but am glad to see again.

10. Hype.

You thought Edinburgh’s Hogmanay was big; check out Sydney 2000!

9. Clan Analogue.

Oz techno/experimental/weirdo music collective.

8. Tim Tams.

Chocolate-coated iced chocolate biscuits for dunking in coffee

7. The Simpsons.

Three episodes of The Simpsons every Sunday on Channel Ten.

6. Asian food.

Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian restaurants everywhere.

5. Cheese-on-a-Stick.

Showbags and Cheese-on-a-Stick at the Royal Sydney Easter Show.

4. Chicken salt.

Contains no chicken. Tastes nothing like chicken. It’s great!

3. Flat white coffee.

Australia’s contribution to global coffee culture.

2. Bats.

Flying around at night. “Squee! Squeeee!”

And the number 1 thing I didn’t think I’d miss about Australia, but am glad to see again:

1. Sunburn.

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2 Responses to Sydney — mon Amour

  1. John Nicolas says:

    Chicken salt?
    I just emailed you requesting your php/mysql help in a scriptshowing a link stored in a table.

    I am very knowledge in the world of food.
    What is Chicken salt?

    John Nicolas

  2. Bennett says:

    Chicken salt is an artificially coloured and flavoured seasoning that allegedly tastes like chicken (doesn’t everything?). I think it’s available in many countries, but in Australia it’s commonly sprinkled on chips (french fries) and other fast foods.

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