Still jaunty, still bright, still sounds entirely computer-generated.

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It really made my day. Well actually, the gangsta rap video my friend made with his hamster really made my day. But this great song came a close second. The Brilliant Green are back and sound as if they never left with this sunny ’90s indie-pop singalong. It’s an extra track on their “I Just Can’t Breathe” single and it would give the title track a run for its money.

Source: Japanator Radio 146

The Basement Jaxx remix is really nice. The nice falsetto hook from the song over an old-school 4/4 dance beat. Solid and compelling. Best Vampire Weekend track I’ve heard, actually. Jim and Fenny were really on a roll this week. OTW FTW! Via OTW 7 August 2010

Oh, another folky melody, this time nestled in a folky pop band setting. Lyrically gritty, though sweet-sounding. There’s a slightly wild-eyed edge to the vocla though, which really works well. The Tansads were active in the ’90s, and maybe I need to investigate more to find out just how active. They’ve had some of their music re-released recently. Good stuff. Via OTW 7 August 2010

A lovely and plaintive folk duet with Laura Marling. I could listen to this imagery and harmony till the river runs dry. From the album Being Listening. Via OTW 7 August 2010

A very nice cut-up of a preacher of some sort, but not the cliched evangelical type: rather a more philosophical tone. There is a very soulful vocal line running throughout, though it’s completely undecipherable to me. The musical backing has a simple beat building up gradually while still maintaining interest, and there’s a slow plaintive synth bassline underneath. From the album Emergency Songs. Via OTW 24 July 2010

Shonen Knife are still ploughing their Ramones furrow in a very charming way. It’s an energetic three-chord description of a barbecue, including cherry trees and deep-fried tofu (well, they are Japanese). From their 153rd album “Supergroup”.

Apparently there are no original members left in the group. So is it really Shonen Knife? Discuss. (via OTW 29 May 2010)

This melodic folky number actually swings. It made me think of Belle and Sebastian, which is a pretty good recommendation in itself even if they don’t sound especially similar apart from being melodically folky. I mean, really, “zorbing”?

I Gave My Heart to a Fool is a gorgeous demo song by a supergroup in the making. Don McGlashan is the king of NZ folk-pop, and SJD his loyal prince. Sandy and Victoria are the lovely princesses. Isn’t it sweet? This song certainly is. They’re so good they don’t even need to put any music on their Myspace page — it’s on Bandcamp:

I am looking forward to more songs whenever it appears.