African Head Charge — Dobbyn Joins the Head Charge

This is a typical slow African Head Charge groove, based on a nice descending horn line. No vocals or even vocal samples, unlike Songs of Praise, which is the only other AHC album I have. It’s well worth listening to, but I’m especially interested in the song’s name. Apparently Dave Dobbyn, one of New Zealand… Read more »

Wildbirds & Peacedrums — Fight for me (Mreds minimal dub)

This eerie exotic evocative mood piece makes the rest of the world go away while you are surrounded by an empty echoing desolate nothingness. If Billie Ray Martin collaborated with Burial they might sound like this. Heard on On the Wire and not easily forgotten.

Vampire Weekend — White Sky

The Basement Jaxx remix is really nice. The nice falsetto hook from the song over an old-school 4/4 dance beat. Solid and compelling. Best Vampire Weekend track I’ve heard, actually. Jim and Fenny were really on a roll this week. OTW FTW! Via OTW 7 August 2010

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The Tansads — Fit to Drop

Oh, another folky melody, this time nestled in a folky pop band setting. Lyrically gritty, though sweet-sounding. There’s a slightly wild-eyed edge to the vocla though, which really works well. The Tansads were active in the ’90s, and maybe I need to investigate more to find out just how active. They’ve had some of their… Read more »

Johnny Flynn — The Water

A lovely and plaintive folk duet with Laura Marling. I could listen to this imagery and harmony till the river runs dry. From the album Being Listening. Via OTW 7 August 2010

Dau Cefn — Buwch 33

A very nice cut-up of a preacher of some sort, but not the cliched evangelical type: rather a more philosophical tone. There is a very soulful vocal line running throughout, though it’s completely undecipherable to me. The musical backing has a simple beat building up gradually while still maintaining interest, and there’s a slow plaintive… Read more »

Shonen Knife — Barbecue Party

Shonen Knife are still ploughing their Ramones furrow in a very charming way. It’s an energetic three-chord description of a barbecue, including cherry trees and deep-fried tofu (well, they are Japanese). From their 153rd album “Supergroup”. Apparently there are no original members left in the group. So is it really Shonen Knife? Discuss. (via OTW… Read more »

Animal Collective — My Girls

This beautiful song sounds like the Beach Boys in a huge indoor stadium. It soars. From last year’s album “Merriweather Post Pavilion”. (via OTW 24 Jan 2009)

Fantastic Plastic Machine — If You Do, I Do

A very fun cut-up of an old orchestral piece over a chugging disco beat. Halfway through, the original main theme plays unaccompanied for a few bars. I laughed when I recognised it. Then there’s an amusing Beatbox Saboteurs moment when the beat comes in under the original. Nice. Source: On the Wire

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OMO — Live Show

This is understated and great. The vocals are spoken by a woman in a deadpan English accent over a crunchy lo-fi metronomic rhythm. ‘Hello. My name is Elmo. I do this live show to sell my promo.” Live Show is the standout track on OMO’s album, The White Album. It’s worth listening to, but not quite… Read more »

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