I heard a couple of Susumu Hirasawa songs. I like his strong, powerful vocal. Works well with the understated electronic instrumentation.

I loved “I Can’t Help It” from Honey Sac. Clean guitar power pop with lovely harmonies in the chorus. I could listen to this stuff anytime.

Perfume’s new single “One Room Disco” is disappointing. It sounds like a remix of “Chocolate Disco” from Game. Really. I listened to it and then was amazed to discover that it’s meant to be a new song.

All these songs were on Japanator Radio 79. Thanks, Japanator Radio!

One Response to “Japanese pop, good and bad”

  1. Bennett

    I listened to Honey Sac’s mini-album Allege. Not so good. Just undistinguished J-Pop-Rock. Maybe I Can’t Help It is an outlier.