Perfume — Laser Beam

Perfume’s new single sounds even more like a ’90s video game soundtrack than usual. So many bleeps, so much energy. And the autotune is in fine voice as ever. My favourite part is the chorus, which starts with the word “straight”. That’s “straight” pronounced “su-to-re-e-to” in that transliterated Japanese way. Cute! Source: Japanator Radio 168.

Perfume — Nee

The Perfume ladies sound slightly less robotic than usual in this pleasant pop romp. The best thing is the title, a very popular Japanese word often tacked onto the end of a sentence with a similar meaning to the English “Right?”. Speaking of popular words, I keep hoping somebody will come up with a J-Pop… Read more »

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Perfume — Voice

Still jaunty, still bright, still sounds entirely computer-generated.

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Perfume — Natural no Koi Shite

This actually sounds slightly different to all Perfume’s other songs. The beat is nice and chunky and, for a change, not straight 4/4. Instead it’s on the hip-hop tip, as the kids used to say when I was one of them. The girls’ voices are sounding more and more robotic though; the autotune is taking… Read more »

Perfume — Electro World (Omodaka remix)

The usual vocals layered over a better-than-usual rhythm. Initially it’s slow, half the speed of the usual frantic Perfume beat. In parts it shuffles into a dub rhythm, sounding a lot like Dubstar (one of my favourite pop bands). Later on the beat heats up, as opera themes and jungle animal noises spice things up…. Read more »

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Perfume — Night Flight / Edge

Japanator Radio played a couple of tracks from Perfume’s new album “Triangle”. Night Flight has the usual complex autotuned vocals, tight drum fills and retro synth work, wrapped up in a nice melody. This is one of their better tracks. My toes are still tapping. Edge is a bit different. For a start, it’s long… Read more »

Japanese pop, good and bad

I heard a couple of Susumu Hirasawa songs. I like his strong, powerful vocal. Works well with the understated electronic instrumentation. I loved “I Can’t Help It” from Honey Sac. Clean guitar power pop with lovely harmonies in the chorus. I could listen to this stuff anytime. Perfume’s new single “One Room Disco” is disappointing…. Read more »