Making Things Happen

Friday, 20 April 2012

Scott Berkun offers a great excerpt from his book Making Things Happen. He views project management as basically managing priorities:

  • Everything can be represented in an ordered list. Most of the work of project management is correctly prioritizing things and leading the team in carrying them out.
  • The three most basic ordered lists are: project goals (vision), list of features, and list of work items. They should always be in sync with each other. Each work item contributes to a feature, and each feature contributes to a goal.

And he has some excellent nuggets on management too:

  • There is a bright yellow line between priority 1 work and everything else.
  • Things happen when you say no. If you can’t say no, you effectively have no priorities.
  • The PM has to keep the team honest and keep them close to reality.
  • Knowing the critical path in engineering and team processes enables efficiency.
  • You must be both relentless and savvy to make things happen.

Go and read it now and then send the link to the pointy-haired boss in your life.

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  2. Well sometimes things just happen without our interference and we make them to stop. That is our priority … weird …

  3. “Everything can be represented in an ordered list.” This is a good quotation that I can use with my situation right now.

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