Tilt the Web with the Tilt bookmarklet

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Uneven Google showed me a whole new way of looking at the web. I thought it would be nice to apply the same oblique viewpoint to other websites, so I created the Tilt bookmarklet. It should work in recent Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers.

Click the button below to see a tilted version of this page.


To use it on other websites, just drag the button to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Then next time you want to put a different slant on any website, just go to your toolbar and click Tilt.

The Tilt bookmarklet does not support frames, and only works on some browsers. Also, it’s utterly useless.

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  1. Imagine the nausea induced by animating that …

  2. I did consider that. It would be fun, and would have the benefit of making the whole thing even more pointless. Hopefully somebody will run with this.

  3. It even works in Safari on iOS. Looks very smooth too, even on the old iPod touch that I’m using to type this.

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