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Development productivity — Barcamp Auckland 5

Last weekend’s Barcamp Auckland unconference had social issues, comedy and politics, but of course no Barcamp would be complete without a heapin’ helping of software development geekery. Mal Curtis (@snikchnz) gave a packed presentation on Web Development Productivity, subtitled “What I use to quickly develop, deploy and maintain html, css, js, php & ruby code at and (a lil’ bit) Git, Sass, Testing (Rspec, Cucumber, PHP too), Continuous Integration and deployment.” Actually that pretty much covers it. Continue reading “Development productivity — Barcamp Auckland 5” →

Tilt the Web with the Tilt bookmarklet

Uneven Google showed me a whole new way of looking at the web. I thought it would be nice to apply the same oblique viewpoint to other websites, so I created the Tilt bookmarklet. It should work in recent Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers. Continue reading “Tilt the Web with the Tilt bookmarklet” →

Multiple class selectors in Internet Explorer

Current Windows Internet Explorer versions do not support multiple class selectors in style sheets. This has been well known for a while; this article shows a technique I have used to work around this limitation. Continue reading “Multiple class selectors in Internet Explorer” →