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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Web Word WizardryI read this good short guide to writing for the web a year or two ago. Even though the book is a few years old now, its advice is still relevant: Web technologies change quickly, but the rules for good web writing are the same now as they were when the web was new.

I learned a lot from the sections on writing for international users, specifically for users who aren’t proficient at reading English. Short, active sentences without complicated words. It has helped me respond usefully to comments on this website, which has readers from all over the world.

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  1. Bennett, I really appreciate this plug. But if you learned something useful from Web Word Wizardry, you’ll enjoy the sequel even more.

    My new book is Write me a web page, Elsie!

    This updates WWWiz, which was necessary. And so does our new online CONTENTED Diploma. That’s for people who need the core skills of web content writing right now, immediately, quick smart.

  2. The new book is on my long list of books to check out. And I love the name: “Write me a web page, Elsie!” is the best website book title since “Don’t Make Me Think!”

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