The Slits have a new album coming out soon! It’s been 28 years since their last — I was beginning to wonder. It’s produced by Adrian Sherwood. Slits and Sherwood sounds like a great combination, but maybe would have been more potent had it happened 20 years ago.

I heard a song from the album on On The Wire — not sure about the title but it might have been Can’t Be Late Can’t Relate. The dubby backing is infused with tango rhythms, sounding very nice indeed. The vocals are as atonal as ever, though less upfront than in the old days — can’t tell if Ari Up is still behind the mic (as they say) (don’t they?). I will be interested to hear the album.

Source: On the Wire 18 July 2009

P.S. I found out later that Ari Up is indeed still fronting the band. THe album will be called Trapped Animal.

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