Barcamp Auckland 5

Sunday, 17 July 2011

About 300 of New Zealand’s brightest gathered in Auckland today for the Barcamp Auckland 5 unconference. As with BCA4 last year, it was all pretty well-organised for an unconference, though there was an unsettling lack of espresso coffee.

There was good variety in the various sessions I attended. One was on 1Password, a cross-platform password and information management tool. It looked useful, but quite heavyweight — there’s no easy way to use it on a computer unless you can run or install the 1Password program on it. Still, maybe a good solution to the problems of juggling dozens of website usernames and passwords.

I also attended a live recording of The Discourse Weekly Show. Ben & Morgan were pretty amusing, but the rough and ready setup and the general lack of microphone technique in the audience might not translate that well to the recorded result. Listen to the show if you don’t believe me.

Other sessions I attended roughly covered the areas of productivity, society and development. I’ll write up my notes on them in the next few days.



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