Simple Combo jQuery plugin 1.1

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I have just updated my Simple Combo jQuery plugin to work with recent versions of jQuery. When jQuery 1.5 came out, there was a change to its selector engine that stopped Simple Combo from modifying select lists. Then jQuery 1.5.2 introduced a subtle change to the events code that interfered with typing into combos.

Both these issues have now been fixed. I also added a couple of new tweaks:

  • The typed-in option now has a value attribute so its value can be submitted by a form. (Suggested by Trent Richardson)
  • The automatically added classname is now “simpleComboActive”, which should reduce accidental name collisions. (Suggested by Jonathan Greene)

I have also updated the demo page to use jQuery 1.6.1, just to prove that Simple Combo is moving with the times.

The source code is now on GitHub so, as they say, fork away.

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