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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Delicious, my website bookmarking tool of choice, now has a tag bundle feature. This allows you to organise your tags into bundles, which you can then label with… another tag.

What is a Tag bundle of tags, and how do I create one?

A Tag bundle is simply a way for you to organize a group of tags. For instance, you might want to organize “cats”, “dogs” and “fish” tags into a bundle called “pets”. That way you can quickly access those tags from your bookmarks pages as well as filter your view to only show bookmarks in the “pets” bundle.

— from the Delicious FAQ

Fantastic! Now you don’t just tag your bookmarks, you can also tag groups of tags. This will make it easier to organise things when you have many hundreds of tags.

Of course, eventually you’ll have hundreds of tag bundles. How to keep them organised? Delicious will surely come to the rescue by allowing you to make groups of tag bundles, and label them with yet another level of tag! Who knows what they’ll call this feature, but I would like to suggest caboodles, or perhaps the more prosaic packages. You’ll have tagged caboodles of tagged bundles of tagged websites. You can be your own information architect!

Eventually there will be so much information in the rich taxonomy of your Delicious bookmark structure, you won’t ever need to actually look at any of the bookmarked websites. At that point the entire web will become obsolete apart from delicious.com. And to think people are worried about Google.

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