Budget Travel Hints

The Japan National Tourist Organisation has a useful little page of Budget Travel Hints. There’s a list of prices of common things in Japan, and information on dining out, transporation and accommodation.

Like many countries, Japan can be an expensive place to visit if you don’t plan ahead, however there are a wide variety of budget accommodation options, transportation passes and sightseeing discounts, which help to make Japan an affordable destination for even the most budget conscious traveler. It is worthwhile taking the time to decide which options will best suit your stay.

The page also has information on Welcome Cards:

In order to make your visit to Japan as exciting and worthwhile as possible, some special cards have been created for your use in a number of cities and areas. These cards come with a guidebook for overseas visitors to Japan to enable you to get discounts and special services at art galleries, museums, sightseeing attractions, shopping areas, restaurants and transportation facilities.

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    Brooke Heyward said (25 April 2006 at 11:25 am)

    Could you please post me out the free discount travel passes as i am looking at going to japan at christmas time

    Brooke Heyward
    56 hunt street
    Guilford 2161
    NSW Australia

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    Tara McDonald said (22 September 2007 at 5:47 am)

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