“Willy Moon sounds like a fist fight between Jack White and Elvis Presley on the set of a David Lynch film.” If I were a music writer I would probably say something like that. Thankfully I’m not, so I’ll just say that I love the combination of the raw, very old style and the witty modern flourishes. I also love the fact that Willy Moon favours short songs — he says that most songs only have two minutes’ worth of ideas anyway, so why bother going on longer?

There’s a Willy Moon interview on Radio NZ. He has a lot of perceptive things to say about pop music.

Willy Moon is originally from New Zealand. This track makes me think of a great NZ track from a few decades ago: Tex Pistol’s The Game of Love. That song could be a spiritual forebear to I Wanna Be Your Man.

Source: Music 101

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