Pretty Sound

Pretty Sound by Molice is a chuggin’ slice of guitar-led pop with an insistent beat and vocals. Pretty sound indeed. “Cover Me Shakespeare” by Noodles is a more straightforward pop stomper with their lovely harmonies. (via Japanator Radio 88)

Akira Yamaoka – Love Me Do

Imagine Sigue Sigue Sputnik covering Kraftwerk with Deborah Harry on vocals. Fun, isn’t it? As far as I know that particular combination was never recorded, but by way of compensation there’s always Akira Yamaoka’s “Love Me Do”. The breathy vocals at the beginning sound quite suggestive, but it’s hard to hear clearly, even if you… Read more »

Tsushi Mamire – Ocha Ska

Today I heard the most ridiculous track. “Ocha Ska” by Tsushi Mamire, from the Pregnant Fantasy album. A girly vocal on a peppy ska beat punctuated with… death metal growling. Death metal?! Awesome. Ridiculous. In a good way. Thanks, Japanator Radio 81.

Japanese pop, good and bad

I heard a couple of Susumu Hirasawa songs. I like his strong, powerful vocal. Works well with the understated electronic instrumentation. I loved “I Can’t Help It” from Honey Sac. Clean guitar power pop with lovely harmonies in the chorus. I could listen to this stuff anytime. Perfume’s new single “One Room Disco” is disappointing…. Read more »

Astro-Ho! Kikan

Heard a nice set on Japanator Radio 77 today. Ayumi Hamasaki “Days” (Eight Bits of Tears remix by YMCK) sound like YMCK remixing Ayumi Hamasaki. Bubbly, tinkly, short and sweet. Strawberry Machine’s nagging “Where is my Doless” is very cute. Actually it’s supposed to be called “Where is my Dress” but her accent is very… Read more »

Aural Vampire – Darkwave Surfer

Heard Aural Vampire’s “Darkwave Surfer” on Japanator Radio 74. Awesome. Driving minor-key techno with singing. Happy with a hint of darkness. More! More!

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That great Shibuya sound

Heard a few songs from Strawberry Machine. That great Shibuya sound again, and the songs featured other guests like YMCK and MacDonald Duck Eclair, and also the Aprils, whom I will have to investigate. Source:¬†Japanator Radio 69¬†(“– yeah, get over it”)

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Wagdug Futuristic Unity — God Space

Wagdug Futuristic Unity’s God Space, from the album Hakai, is a driving monster. Actually it sounds quite a lot like Ministry, only maybe slightly faster. Maybe I should have bought this album when I was in Tokyo last year, but I was too upset at not being able to find any Die!! Die!! Color!!! CDs…. Read more »

De De Mouse

And I thought I didn’t like De De Mouse. But recently I keep hearing great tracks by him. “Rogue Message” (a Yumi Masatoya cover) from the DDM/YMCK Downtown EP is very catchy old-school melodic pop. Heard on Japanator Radio 66. And four weeks later on Japanator Radio 70, “Light Night Dance” has a poppy yet… Read more »

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Noodles – The Creatures

I heard “The Creatures” by Noodles, from their album Snap. Nice melodic power pop with female vocals. Heard on Japanator Radio 64.

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