This wonderfully-titled album is full of dark-tinged folk pop; the music is interesting and acoustic, while the voice and lyrics lend a definite edge. Ms Carafice was incarcerated in a mental hospital for a time, which explains songs like Asylum Escape Song and Lorazopam [sic]. They sound a bit more upbeat than you might think — all acoustic guitars, piano and drums and a few other things. Even Song For A Cruel German Psychiatrist Woman (“Where is the God in you, Hitler woman?”) has a rollicking folky feel to it.

Ms Carafice is an expat Kiwi, living in the USA. I saw an interview on TV with her a few months ago, which revealed that she has a nice mid-Pacific accent — but her singing voice gives a dark quality to even upbeat songs like the excellent Bodhisattva. The same interview revealed that her name is pronounced “Karafeechay”, so you can go to your local CD shop and ask for her CD with confidence. Of course you could buy it online, but where’s the fun in that?

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