I went to a lot of effort to buy some Die!! Die!! Color!!! CDs. Their website pointed me to a retailer in Tokyo (Guh-roovy). I looked up the street address — Shibuya, opposite the Tokyu Hands north entrance. Then I used Google Street View to see the actual building it’s in. I could even see the bright “Guh-roovy” sign, so I knew exactly where to go. Then I flew to Tokyo and went to Guh-roovy. Where the guy behind the counter in the smallest record shop I have ever seen told me that their Die!! Die!! Color!!! CDs were sold out.

I tried lots of other shops. The megastores — HMV and the always-awesome Tower. The amazing new & used CD shops — Recofan and Disk Union. But Die!! Die!! Color!!! are apparently so indie that none of these well-known shops sells their music.

By way of consolation I bought a whole bunch of other CDs. Later I found some of their early demo tracks on the web. When it clicks, their light-hearted take on the heavy Digital Hardcore sound really works. One track in particular, ironically called “Silence”, is particularly good.

I’ll have to get in touch with them to try to get hold of some more recent music.

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