Puffy — Wedding Bell (80kidz remix)

This track is lovely, dominated by synth keyboard stabs that remind me of MGMT, and a celestial chorus of “Aaaaamen!” (At least I think that’s what they’re singing.) I haven’t heard the original, but this track is a good one. Despite the busy instrumentation, it still sounds like Puffy. Source: Japanator Radio

Twilight Shooting Star!

Twilight Shooting Star! by Puffy is your basic guitar-bass-drums-2 Japanese girls shout-along popfest. Don’t forget the exclamation mark! Japanator Radio followed Puffy up immediately with Tamaki Nami’s “High School Queen”, which could easily be a Puffy song. Both fun to listen to. Would it be sacrilegious to suggest that I preferred the Tamaki Nami track?… Read more »

Puffy – Hiyori Hime

I have only just heard Puffy’s new single “Hiyori Hime”. They keep on keeping on with their jaunty guitar jangle. It just never stops being fun.