Nobuo Uematsu — Coconut Castaway

A lovely! perky melody with shuffling drums, strummed guitar and dual female vocalists (actually it sounds like the same multitracked singer). So far so predictable. But a couple of minutes in, things get odd with a fairground waltz rhythm and a pervading melancholy air. Then gradually, as a bird tweets, the original melody hesitantly reappears… Read more »

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Nobuo Uematsu — Here Comes Conga Boy

This seems to be credited to Nobuo Uematsu and the Dog Ears. “Here Comes Conga Boy” is ridiculous in a good way. Silly voices at the beginning give way to a a nice jaunty song, slightly homey and old-fashioned sounding. But as the song goes on it starts to go insane. The singer starts being… Read more »