Buffalo Daughter — Galactic S-O-U-L

This long song is all spacious live drums and nice deep buzzing basslines. Female vocals wash through the mix. It’s immersive and just great if you like that sort of thing. And I like that sort of thing. This tune is from the game soundtrack for Katamari Forever. I don’t have time to play games… Read more »

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Saori@destiny and Susumu Hirasawa

I have heard a few tracks by Saori@destiny recently. “Stainless Starlight” is a pretty straightforward synthpop thing, with heavily process voice and slightly retro synths. Apparently she’s seen as a successor to Aira Mitsuki. She’s got a way to go before she gets there. Japanator Radio 83 included an old Buffalo Daughter track, “Discotheque du… Read more »