Aira Mitsuki — ???

Peppy and punchy, and that’s just the drum track. Nice techno hoover sounds too, and a heavily vocodered vocal from Aira. My feet are tapping right now. This is the title track from her confusingly named new album. I’m glad Uneasy Listening isn’t a podcast because I have no idea how to pronounce it. Source:… Read more »

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Aira Mitsuki — Plastic Doll

That retro synth/peppy rhythm/autotune combo gets me every time. For me, the bass synth stands out in this song. Not Aira’s best track, but still well worth bobbing your head to. Source: Japanator Radio

Aira Mitsuki — Re:x

Aira’s track is is a slightly chaotic and noisy beast. Synth stabs, odd rhythms, vocal samples and odd effects over a disco beat. Aira even sings a bit too. I like it. On this episode of Japanator Radio I also heard Immi’s version of “Joe Le Taxi”. It’s musically much tougher than the original, with… Read more »

Aira Mitsuki — Change My Will

Aira Mitsuki’s track “Chaļœ«nge My Will” is another relatively tough techno pop workout from her. High energy with lots of drums and high-pitched mumbling. It’s on her album Plastic and is not called “Chained My Will” as I first thought on hearing it.

Saori@destiny and Susumu Hirasawa

I have heard a few tracks by Saori@destiny recently. “Stainless Starlight” is a pretty straightforward synthpop thing, with heavily process voice and slightly retro synths. Apparently she’s seen as a successor to Aira Mitsuki. She’s got a way to go before she gets there. Japanator Radio 83 included an old Buffalo Daughter track, “Discotheque du… Read more »

Japanese electronics

Omodaka “Asa doya yuta” – Electronics with traditional-sounding female Japanese vocal over it. Sounds nice, and a touch exotic. I’d like to find out a bit more about it. (From Japanator Radio 59) Aira Mitsuki “Sazae Funkadelic” from Robot Honey – Electronic, heavily processed and very energetic J-Pop. I don’t know what it has to… Read more »

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Aira Mitsuki remix and more

Aira Mitsuki “Beep Count Fantastic” from Copy – Muscular techno instrumental with liberal sprinklings of 8-bit throughout. (From Japanator Radio 59) Mosaic.wav “Anata no Tonari no Vampire” from “Meiwaku Mailing Girl” – Awesome hyperspeed pop chip(munk) tune. (From Japanator Radio 59) Sleepy.ab “Palette” from Palette – Lovely melodic mid-tempo male vocal. (From Japanator Radio 59)

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